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What is prostate cancer??I have question to you
What is prostate cancer is ??
And how it can happen??Can you help?

Posted by tareq
[display_name id=”1″]Prostate cancer is cancer of the small walnut-shaped gland in men that produces seminal fluid, the fluid that nourishes and transports sperm.For many men a diagnosis of prostate cancer can be frightening, not only because of the threat to their lives, but because of the threat to their sexuality. In fact, the possible consequences of treatment for prostate cancer — which include bladder control problems and erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence — can be a great concern for some men.

If prostate cancer is detected early — when it’s still confined to the prostate gland — you have a better chance of successful treatment with minimal or short-term side effects. Successful treatment of cancer that has spread beyond the prostate gland is more difficult. But treatments exist that can help control prostate cancer.

Cancer is a group of abnormal cells that grow more rapidly than normal cells and that refuse to die. Cancer cells also have the ability to invade and destroy normal tissues, either by growing directly into surrounding structures or after traveling to another part of your body through your bloodstream or lymph system. Microscopic cancer cells develop into small clusters that continue to grow, becoming more densely packed and hard.

The prostate gland is the small, walnut-shaped gland that surrounds the bottom portion (“neck”) of a male’s bladder and about the first inch of the urinary tube (urethra), the channel that drains urine from the bladder. It’s located behind the pubic bone and in front of the rectum. The prostate’s primary function is to produce seminal fluid, the fluid that nourishes and transports sperm.

Prostate cancer usually grows slowly and initially remains confined to the prostate gland, where it may not cause serious harm. But if left untreated, prostate cancer can begin to invade tissues and cause damage, and it may spread to others areas of your body where it can cause significant harm. Some forms of prostate cancer are aggressive and can spread quickly to other parts of your body.

What causes prostate cancer and why some types behave differently are unknown. Research suggests that a combination of factors may play a role, including heredity, ethnicity, hormones, diet and the environment.

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Question regarding prostate cancer?My dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer April of 2007. July 2007 he had the Da Vinci Robot remove his prostate. Now he goes in for regular checkups…..when he was diagnosed his PSA level was 4….now he just had the PSA again and it’s .3. I know it’s not nearly as high as what it was before .3 is a long ways from 4….but what does the .3 mean? The doctor didn’t seem concerned….and my dad is going to go back for a bunch of opinions. Just wondering if anyone can help me undestand what the .3 means. Can those cells be killed off with working out and eating well (which he already does)…or will he prb need radiation or hormone therapy?

Posted by k80
[display_name id=”1″]I had prostate cancer in 2005. I had Proton Radiation treatments at Loma Linda University Medical Center in Loma Linda Calif. Proton Radiation has no side effects to speak of and a 90% cure rate.. When I was there there were several people there who had surgery, harmone implants and the lupron that did not or was not working… And they were gettin Proton Radiation to get rid of their cancer. They didnt know about Proton Radiation at the time they had the other treatments.. I think it is the very best treatment available for prostate cancer today.. Id say your dad would be fine if he could have Proton Radiation. It is very different from conventional radiation. With Proton 90% of the treatment energy is directed exactly to the point being treated… There fore surrounding tissue and organs are not damanged and the treatment energy is delivered where needed in a concentrated from. There is a website called Proton Bob that tells about Proton Radiation and prostate cancer.. If you go there be sure and read the Patient Testimonial section and you will see how other former patients are as sold on it as I am..you can probably find a testimonial or two from some who had other treatments that didnt work but later took proton and are just fine now.. Also there is a book recently out called YOU CAN BEAT PROSTATE CANCER, written by Robert J. Marckini, a prostate cancer survivor. It is great. It tells all about prostate cancer and then tells all about all of the various types of treatments available today plus the pros and cons and side effects of each type treatment.. It can be purchased at barnes and noble and other book stores or on line at the Proton Bob website.. Its just my opinion, but from my experience with prostate cancer and the treatments.. I think your father would be fine if he could get proton radiation for the prostate cancer… Hope this helps.
Dad Might Have Prostate Cancer ( Read. )?Hi, im 13 years old and i found out that my father might have prostate cancer.. I dont know for sure yet.. So i was wondering if anyone could tell me.. Is there any treatments for it? If he does have it will he for surely die? Please tell me everything i should know..

Posted by cassie.
[display_name id=”1″]Prostate cancer in general is very treatable if identified in an early stage. There are many ways to treat it and the radioactive beads are the treatment that I would favor if I came down with it. Treatment is about 80% effective as an average and it is getting better every day. 50% of the men at age 70 have prostate cancer and they all die from something else because prostate cancer generally is very slow growing like basal cell carcenomia of the skin is very slow growingI am assuming your father is about 25 to 30 years older than you and if that is the case he is young to have prostate cancer so it means he may have identified it in an early state if indeed he does have it. You also may be confused between prostate cancer and other male urninary issues that are all non-cancerous and treatable. There is a test they run to look at the prostate’s chemistry and it is call the PSA. It is used as a marker and if it is going up the non-cancer new tissue growth or cancer is winning and if it is going down then the cancer or new growth is losing. The lower the PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) the better it is. Mine is 0.34 and the normal range is 0 to 4.0.

What you should know is that he most likely will not die from it and that all he needs from you is a lot of love and caring and support. He doesn’t need a lot of other stress in his life until he has concluded the treatment course the the Drs have recommended.

You sound like a great kid who can handle all this easily – stay positive and you and your dad will win.

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