What Does an Elevated PSA Mean

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The Australian Financial ReviewNo need to rush into hormone therapyThe Australian Financial Review… What is called a PSA relapse. This means they have a rising level of prostate-specific antigen in their blood but no bodily symptoms of the disease or signs of its reappearance on scans. … Men with a PSA relapse. This was echoed by Clifford Hudis …UCLA Study Finds New Biopsy Method Shows Prostate Cancers Considered …Sierra Sun TimesBeckman Coulter Showcases New Prostate Cancer Blood Test at 2014 AUA …SelectScience.net (press release)all 69 news articles »

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Questions and Answers

Interpreting Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) Test Results?I just got my results back. My PSA was 0.6. Just what does this mean? Is this too low???

Posted by Blue Sky

[display_name id=”0″]It is low, but thats good.

PSA test results report the level of PSA detected in the blood. The test results are usually reported as nanograms of PSA per milliliter (ng/mL) of blood. In the past, most doctors considered PSA values below 4.0 ng/mL as normal. However, recent research found prostate cancer in men with PSA levels below 4.0 ng/mL (2). Many doctors are now using the following ranges with some variation:

0 to 2.5 ng/mL is low.
2.6 to 10 ng/mL is slightly to moderately elevated.
10 to 19.9 ng/mL is moderately elevated.
20 ng/mL or more is significantly elevated.
There is no specific normal or abnormal PSA level. The higher a man’s PSA level, the more likely it is that cancer is present. But because various factors (such as age) can cause PSA levels to fluctuate, one abnormal PSA test does not necessarily indicate a need for other diagnostic tests. When PSA levels continue to rise over time, other tests may be needed.

It should be noted that it is common for normal PSA ranges to vary somewhat from laboratory to laboratory.

Has Anyone Had An Elevated PSA Level From 4 to 10 And It Turn Out OK.?I recently had a PSA level of 5.1 I did a follow up 6 weeks later and it went down to 4.4 Has anyone been tested with high PSA levels and it ended up nothing was wrong?
The urologist gave me the finger examine and said my prostate felt fine. Then I told him about my PSA test I had prior to seeing him and he was ready to schedule me for a biopsy. That concerned me a little because from what everything I have read, this is slightly elevated. I told him I want to do another PSA test in 6 to 8 weeks and see what those results were. He agreed.

Posted by rstarre

[display_name id=”0″]An increase in your PSA doesnt necessarily mean you have prostate cancer. You could have BPH, benign prostate hypertrophy, its where your prostate is enlarged and other than urinating problems its harmless. Stress can make it go higher or it could have been the lab.. Your dr will probably want to check out your prostate with a digital, finger message thru the anus. If it feels bumby or enlarged he will schedule you for a biopsy to determine whats going on. A biopsy is the only real way to determine why an elevation in your PSA test. It happens all the time and dont worry, it prob is nothing. Usually we worry when it goes from 4 to 400. Im sure your fine, good luck.

What does psa 5 mean?
Posted by T. J.

[display_name id=”0″]It means it is elevated, how much depends on his age.


What Does an Elevated PSA Mean
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