Urine Dribble in Men

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Why i feel like urine is moving in urethra ?I am 20 and have no UTI. For past 2 year I dribble after urination. Doctor say it is normal. But after urination i feel near testicles that some urine drops are moving. Feeling last for 10-20 min. If it is remaining urine in urethra then how feelings ends without dribbling?

Posted by Rajesh
[display_name id=”0″]Hello my friend I read somewhere that if a man has trouble with dribbling after they pee that they need to take a zinc pill. I tried it and it worked!. I think I take the 50 mg size and just one a day will do it. Might take a few days before you notice the effects. These pills are available at any drug store and do not cost much. I hope it helps.
URGENT.. Urine dribble problem for over two years now im 18 years old and this is affecting me education?Im scared tbh unlike most generalised males to have a cystoscope done in my urethra do you think i have a urinary tract problem etx my urine is kind of split streamed all the time kind of like when you hold tip of hose amd water spray in all different directions and when it ends the flow it trickles perfectly in circles like a water fountain i cant ever get out last few drops and i habe to put tissue there… Believe me i tried milking urethra and all other techniques i been trying for last two years and male doctors never ttreat me properly as there always in rush and i find it hard to get an appointment without parents knowing my urine smells quite strong now i always have to shower as i smell of urine and cant help it especially when sleeping does it hurt to have cystoscope done to check urethra and go up all the way into bladder i got told it stings but stings like what please give an example e.g does it hurt worse than being pinched or kicked in privates if i had cystoscope done can i walk a mile straight after get a train and walk another mile as the hospital is far and i have no car and need to use train Please answer me i have suicidal thoughts because of this and my life feels really depressing and i need to mature up and sort out my health im from uk btw so im prob gonna get abused by Us ya users lol for not taking advantage of free health care.

Posted by Confused
[display_name id=”0″]I’m not offending you, but I’d really like to know how such a mature young man would let this go for 2 years. Please, remember you health has to be the #1 priority in your life. This could be a problem with the bladder or your prostate could be swollen. Just to let a Doctor brush you off, does not work anymore; they need to get used to it. You have to tell him he has to come up with the proper diagnosis or send you to a Urologist. You must be very firm, of course not rude, but let him hear you’re firm. The urine smells strong because it sitting in the bladder too long. This is why you feel your bladder is not empty when you’re done urinating. I would suggest you find a different Doctor. This person should not be a Doctor ๐Ÿ™ A cystoscopy is uncomfortable but not real painful. They will give you an anti-anxiety medication like Ativan or Xanax before, so you’ll kind of be in the twilight zone. Discuss this with the Doctor who will be doing this test, I presume a urologist…. You’ll be fine, there is nothing to worry about 3>
Why some men dribble after they have completed micturition and left wash room?Women have short urethra and they mostly dribble when they have stress on their bladder as while coughing. But why men do this while they have no under lying cause?

Posted by
[display_name id=”0″]Men’s urethra is longer and it has a U bend near bladder. In some persons some urine is trapped in this bend during micturiton. This urine dribbles during walking or with cough. How ever contrary to women men dribble one or two drops only.


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