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Anyone have a child with urinary trac issues?My son has level five urinary reflux, and is having a heck of a time with UTIs this summer. Just wondered if there was anyone who could relate and share there stories.

Posted by sm2f
[display_name id=”1″]I feel your pain, mine was diagnosed with urinary reflux at 2 months old, after spending 10 hours in the ER, not fun. Lucky for us we have not had any problems with UTIs since then, but have been using prevenative measures since then which just make it hard sometimes. She is now 2 and we go back for testing next week, hopefully she has grown out of it.In your case I would talk to an urologist about the condition, from doing my research and talking to other parents, if you child has a high level of reflux and is having problems with UTIs they will most likely suggest surgery, I would consider the less invassive deflux procedure. With a reflux level of 5 he is most likely not to outgrow I think is around only 10% of children at that stage do.

If you are looking for support I would go to yahoo groups and sign up for the group on kidney reflux. All the parents on there have a lot of knowledge and many have been threw similar situations. I have found it very informative. Teh link is:

Dog that has constant urinary issues?He has had several urinary tract infections. We have taken him to the vet repeatedly.
Each time ending with a round of antibiotics.
He is an outside dog, and has a dog house.
Sometimes he cries and will not come out of his dog house. I know he has pain in his back legs lower area due a constant UTI.The vet recommened we have him nuetered.
1- will this be effective for his UTI’s?

Also, he has a family of mice that move under his house sometimes.
We have noticed that his UTI issue comes up when this happens.
Could they be the cause of the problem?
We move his dog house constantly.
We put it on a pallet to get it off the ground.

I think honestly we are just going to have to kill the mice with decon or something.

Is this even possible to have constant UTI’s due to the mice?
I wish I could bring him inside, but he urinates on everything!

We move and move the house and the mice follow! I think they may be hiding from the rain or something.

We have removed the mice and moved the house several times but they keep coming back.
I will def check into other options!

Posted by Emis
[display_name id=”1″]Getting him neutered will help. UTIs can be caused by hormone imbalances, which can come with testosterone imbalances. Get rid of his testicles, get rid of his testosterone. It should help within a month.
As for the mice…. Why in the world are you letting them live there in the first place? Wild mice can carry all kinds of diseases. It is possible that they have brought in a bunch of bacteria that your dog is then laying in. Keep his living space clean. Find a way to trap the mice (poison risks your dog as well) and take them elsewhere or kill them. Powerwash the inside of his house, and add lots of clean dry bedding (dog beds, towels, etc.) Check them daily to make sure they are TOTALLY dry (a little dew in the morning is okay, as long as it dries up right away and does not soak into the beds and towels). If it smells bad, wash it. Bad smells are there for a reason.Best bet would be to move your dog inside honestly. Seems like his outside living conditions are less than ideal.

To the person who said yogurt: keep in mind about 80% of dogs are lactose intolerant (think about it, why would a dog be drinking cow’s milk in the wild?)
Yogurt does NOT balance any pH in urine. Urine is a diluted mixture of urea (what we call it in humans, but mostly it is nitrate) after our kidneys have processed it and eliminated all of the waste. It then sends the waste down to the bladder, where it is then eliminated.
Yogurt can help PEOPLE with digestive problems (not urinary), although it has nothing to do with the pH. Yogurt is full of probiotics, which are little microorganisms that inhabit your digestive tract, and help us break down things we eat. The pH of your stomach is usually around 2, which is very acidic. If yogurt “balanced” the pH, then you would bring it up to 7 (neutral) and your body would not be able to break ANYTHING down. Yogurt can help people who are having digestive problems such as diarrhea or ulcers by adding more probiotics to their digestive tract, which will help their body process foods more smoothly. This can also be achieved by taking probiotic tablets (which I give my dog sometimes) which do not contain lactose. However, yogurt will not help with urinary problems. Sorry.
Also, boric acid in large amounts (or small amounts for smaller dogs) can make them very sick. They can begin foaming at the mouth, panting, vomiting, and seizing.

Urinary tract issues?I’ve had off and on Urinary tract issues for around 6 months now.I’ll go to the bathroom, and immediately after will feel like I have to go again.
The feeling will last around 15 min if I ignore it.
If I do go again afterwards, only a small amount of urine will come out.
Sometimes when going the second time, it will burn during, or immediately after.
This happens anywhere from every 3 days to 2 weeks.

I have gone to the doctor, but when she tested my urine she didn’t find anything.

No, I’m not sexually active.
Although, I don’t drink that much fluids, so I will trying drinking more water. 🙂

Posted by Blackfoot
[display_name id=”1″]When did you go to the doctors? Go back and tell the doctor the problem still persists, maybe further tests are needed to reveal the cause. Don’t give up until you have some answers and solutions. It is obviously bothering you. In the mean time make sure you are drinking enough water, that is important !!!

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