Urinary Dribbling

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Dribbling after urinating?Mid 40s white male.Been having a minor issue with this for a few years.

Asked my Dr about it and he said to avoid both carbonated
drinks as well as caffeine.

Ok. I will do that.

My question is more in depth. Why does carbonation and caffeine cause this and what is its technical name ?


Posted by N T
[display_name id=”1″]It could be urinary incontinence or prostate.. If you have prostate it can cause urinary incontinence.. And one of the results is dribbling or can’t empty bladder fully..But carbonated drinks can irritate the bladder and caffeine can overstimulate your bladder.. Which can cause urinary incontience.

My cat dribbles help!?My cat he is male all ginger and hes about 7 years old, he eats allott and he eats crisps aswell which is wered, well i was sitting down giving him a crisp to eat when i noticed he was dribbling, my mum said o hes fine but im afraid ive had him since he was a kitten and hes part of the family does any 1 know whats wrong with him?

Posted by Tasha
[display_name id=”1″]Well, one thing he should not be doing aside from dribbling is eating crisps. A proper diet and urinary tract health can help stop the leaks, Purina Urinary Tract Health Cat food or Iams or some other like that can help prevent UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) and may help with this.
The cat could have this. Also the cat may have Feline Diabetes, which causes urinary problems much like humans who have Diabetes frequent urination is a sign. The crisps certainly did not help in this case, high in salt and starches and carbs a sure way to mess up one’s blood sugar or cause the cat to drink in excess.
A vet visit will probably be a good thing, but if the cat has FD you will be in need of a visit to the vet clinic.
Though if the cat is anything like an old dog I had and he is being stroked and fed and patted he may nervously be releasing also.
Cat has started dribbling?Hi all,
My 18mth old Russian Blue has started dribbling a bit. I haven’t noticed this happening before now, but it’s now happened twice in the last week. Once when she was kneading me (so I put it down to excitement) but today also when she was standing on the kitchen table she dribbled all over my mail.She’s not been eating properly either lately, sometimes eats her dinner and sometimes not. She’s also been acting a little weird but we are moving house in 3wks and I have put it down to her ‘sensing’ that something is up and feeling unsettled, but I may be wrong.

I read another question of a similar nature and most people seemed to think that these signs are classically linked to tooth/gum/throat problems…however I fed her a chicken neck an hour ago and she wolfed it down no probs.

Could there be a problem or am I maybe overreacting, and just didnt notice her dribbles before? She doesn’t seem to be in pain and I cant see any noticeable inflammations in her mouth.

More notes: She has always been a fussy cat, will only eat particular brands of food and seems to know when I’ve gone and bought another one and won’t eat it, however it is unusual for her to skip meals like she has been.
Also, she has always been a bit of a loony but has seemed a bit funny lately. Seems to enjoy the boxes we have for moving and plays with them constantly but has also been acting weird – I’ve just put it down to anxiety because of the changes in her environment.
Her breath does not smell in the slightest and I cannot see any inflammed teeth or gums etc.

Thanks everyone ๐Ÿ™‚
Um, I meant dribbling from her mouth, NOT dribbling urine… LOL.

Posted by Amber
[display_name id=”1″]Could be urinary tract infection, could even be more serious than that. You need to take kitty to the vet.

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