Symtoms Of Prostate Problems

Prostate cancer treatment: ‘no benefit for older patients with other health problems’ (Medical News Today)

One of the most common cancers among men, prostate cancer has different treatment options. New study suggests older patients with other health issues do not benefit from treatment. Older Men with Early-Stage Prostate Cancer and Other Health Problems Dont Benefit from Surgery or Radiation Therapy

Treating older men with early-stage prostate cancer who also have other serious underlying health problems with aggressive therapies such as surgery or radiation therapy does not help them live longer and, in fact, can be detrimental, according to a study by UCLA researchers.

5 Early Warning Signs of Prostate Cancer

How to Detect Prostate Problems : Early Signs of Prostate …

Learn the early signs and symptoms of prostate cancer including blood in urine, pain during urination and weak urine flow with expert prostate health tips in this free men’s health care video clip.

Questions and Answers


Are the NHS obliged to test someone who feels they have prostate problems?Prostate problems; should the NHS be more ready to help?

Gary asked.

I don’t have a doctor and tried to use the 24/7 service operated by the primary care people on the Kings mill hospital site but found great difficulty and an unbelievable statement uttered by a supposedly trained doctor (him being the senior partner at a practice)I have had a few drops of blood in my semen on more than one occasion and although it was only minor I filed it to the back of my mind (not being instantly concerned as I have had a vasectomy and I do pull pallets weighing 500 kg to 1000 kg up and down trucks). Just of late I have been passing urine around every 2-3hrs, more frequently at night, and so have started having concerns.

I read up about the symptoms and took note about family history as my father had prostate trouble and it seems that there is a distinct possibility that I could have prostate problems; if cancer was detected I would rather it be at an early stage as it is reported as being able to get to your bones.

I have had aching bones and put it down to mild arthritis but after reading everything I find myself in need of medical tests to be carried out so that I can be sure I have or haven’t a need to be concerned. SO: On the 21st day of February 2014, I rang the 24/7 primary care unit and had NURSE MIKE SMITH organise it so that I could visit the unit after my shift and have a blood sample taken with view to it showing or not showing a problem (I was prepared to have a digital rectal probe too).
On arrival at the primary care unit they told me they knew nothing of why I was there (01:15hrs) and that they would not do a blood test. I had a Dr Masud come to the door and in front of other patients he told me he wasn’t going to take blood. He made a statement that “YOU DON’T GET PROSTATE CANCER AT 48 years old”!

I could not believe that I pay £350 National Insurance and then get told I’ve not only wasted time and petrol going to the unit but they would not help me understand what problems I may have, and the so called doctor gave me a very clear picture of where he had his ethics and it clearly was not in medicine as he would not have been able to make such a statement seeing as men have latent cancer cells at 30 years old and whether older men are the highest statistic or not- younger men do get this affliction.

My questions to you all would be firstly: do you believe the NHS could and ought to help more?
Secondly: Do you believe this Doctor should have made such a false statement?
Thirdly: Do you think I get value for money when I pay a thousand pound in revenues a month and then get shoved away by apathetic NHS staff?
AND the biggest worry of all: Do you think that our NHS are allowing men to ignore symptoms that can worsen and even kill them because they do not like their jobs?

Please answer seriously as I am angry, concerned, a little frightened of getting the wrong answers on a test and certainly confused on what my National Insurance stamp money covers these days.
Thank you.

Posted by

There seems to be a general communications breakdown here – your urination symtoms are consistent with an enlarged prostate, which is a slow process and is best managed via a GP or specialist in urology, not a 24/7 or A&E clinic. If they thought your symtoms weren’t alarming enough to merit any tests or exams at the time, they should have told you to see a GP or organised an appointment at the Urology dept – there is one at Kings Mill hospital. Your recurring episodes with blood in your semen should also be investigated by a Urologist. In any case, don’t panic, at 48 you’re more likely to have benign prostate enlargement rather than prostate cancer, particularly if it runs in your family, but your symtoms do merit investigation which is clearly within the scope of the NHS. In any case, Dr Masud was half right, but he should have said “you RARELY get prostate cancer at 48”.

This is what you should do: Register with a GP (link provided) and get an appointment to start investigating your symtoms. Ideally, your GP should then refer you to a Urology outpatient surgery where a proper investigation will be carried out. You may even get to choose when and where to go if your GP refers you via the Choose and Book system! Don’t worry if it takes a few months, but don’t let your GP brush you off, you shouldn’t have to live with frequent urination, even with benign causes it does have a negative impact on your quality of life. You may have to live with taking time off work to see a GP or a specialist during normal office hours, as 24/7 or A&E depts should be used for emergency care only.

As a last (or indeed first) resort, contact the Urology dept at the hospital to find out how to get an appointment with them.


Do I have a prostate cancer or related issues?  I am 22 year old male, i read certain columns related to prostate Disease and the symtoms mentiones were much similar to my case, i take time while passing urine, i fell intreputed while passing urine, i feel pain in my penis when i stand or walk for longer time, i also face problems of Constipation, do u all thing i have prostate cancer or anything to worry about……..please suggest.

Posted by Hari

These are generalized symptoms that could indicate several different disorders or problems. It’s not automatically something as serious as cancer.
With these symptoms you should see a doctor to figure out what’s going on. My guess personally, is an enlarged prostate or kidney stones, but really that’s a wild guess. You need an exam.


What are the symtoms of male prostate problems,and do they always lead to cancer?

Posted by crystal

Well if i didnt know better your a chick but heres the answer. The “Male” Prostate has sevral sytoms like accesive peeing and thing of that nature. I am sure your familiar with the term “Prostate Cancer”.?So that would be a yes it does lead to Cancer of some sorft ma’am.

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