Symptoms of Prostate Infection

Is Prostate Cancer Really a Sexually Transmitted Disease? –

Is Prostate Cancer Really a Sexually Transmitted Disease?Care2.comThe headlines are the result of a paper published by researchers from the University of California which found that an infection transmitted through unprotected sex appears to aid prostate cancer growth. HPV infection is a well-known cause for cervical …

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Is prostate cancer an STD? (crofsblogs)

Via The Independent: Prostate cancer ‘could be a sexually transmitted disease’, scientists say. Excerpt: Prostate cancer could be a sexually transmitted disease caused by a common infection passed on during intercourse, scientists are claiming. Research by the University of California…

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Can a Common Virus Cause Brain Cancer? PolyDNA Answers Survey Question and Recommends Gene-Eden-VIR and Novirin …

PolyDNA’s April 2014 survey found that 24% of respondents wanted to know if a common virus can cause brain cancer. PolyDNA reviews the literature on this topic and recommends Gene-Eden-VIR and Novirin against CMV, which is linked to some forms of brain cancer. (PRWeb May 11, 2014) Read the full story at Http://…

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Prostatitis: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Tests, and Treatment

Questions and Answers

Whats the difference between the symptoms of Prostatitis vs BPH?I know their both infections of the prostate i just want to know the difference????

Posted by darth1977malak
[display_name id=”0″]Symptom differences is what you are asking. Prostatitis is an infection and the symptoms are a dull constant ache that is uncomfortable, standing or sitting. You may have a low grade fever. Examined by a doctor, the prostate will have a smooth but slightly “mushy” feel. BPH is an enlarged prostate and develops slowly after the age of 40 and usually isn’t achy or uncomfortable when standing and most of the time sitting. An examination by a doctor will show an enlarged prostate but it will be firm.

Posted by rue boy
[display_name id=”0″]The symptoms for acute and chronic vary slightly.

For acute (often accompanied by a UTI): Increased urinary frequency, urgency to pass urine, pain with urination, difficulty producing a normal stream, pain in the genital area, pain with ejaculation, high fever and chills and generalized malaise and fatigue.

For chronic, a common cause of frequent UTIs: Increased urinary frequency along with pain and difficulty urinating, pain in the lower back, testes, epididymis, or penis, sexual dysfunction, low-grade fever, joint pains, and muscle aches, urethral discharge, depression and stress.

Diagnosed with a prostate infection how long till symptoms go away?I went to the Dr. And she said I have a prostate infection. The only symptom I have is a semi-frequent need to urinate and most annoying it takes anywhere from 7-10 seconds before I actually start to urinate. And once it starts it sometimes stops and restarts. No pain or burning in my case. But obvisouly she said my prostate is slightly enlarged and “squishy feeling”

Anyway I was given 500mg Cipro to take 2x a day for 6 weeks. If anyone has had this issue or knows anything about it how long could it take before I start to see these symptoms go away?


Posted by Tommy
[display_name id=”0″]The symptoms will pretty much be gone in 10 days to two weeks but the infection won’t be cleared up for about a month. Some urologists have told me the infection never completely goes away in the prostate gland. Supposedly it’s similar to a sponge and the bacteria can hide in the cracks so to speak. I’m inclined to believe that because I’ve had chronic prostatitis over the years.

Symptoms of Prostate Infection
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