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HIFU for Prostate Cancer an ‘Experimental Therapy’ – Medscape

MedscapeHIFU for Prostate Cancer an ‘Experimental Therapy’MedscapeHello. I am Dr. Gerald Chodak for Medscape. Over the past several years I have commented on the concept of focal therapy for prostate cancer treatment. I want to revisit this concept because of an article by Dr. Giannarini and colleagues in the Journal …

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Men who receive radiation therapy for prostate cancer more likely to develop rectal cancer

Among men treated for prostate cancer, those who received radiation therapy were more likely to develop bladder or rectal cancer, according to a new study from the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center.

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Radiation Treatment for Prostate Cancer | Beaumont Cancer Treatment

Questions and Answers

Prostate cancer treatments?I’m from Singapore. My father aged 54 has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and I’m very concerned for his well-being.

I know there are treatment options of surgery, radiotherapy and hormonal therapy. I would like to know more about these options and their side-effects and which option is preferable. Even if my father is cured, can he continue to live a normal life?

Anyone with experience combating and being cured of prostate cancer is welcome to share his experience.
Dad has PSA of 58ng/ml and Gleason’s score of 7(3+4).
Would prefer treatment that has minimum side-effects and is non or minimally invasive.

Posted by z
[display_name id=”0″]I’ve been down that road. I had surgery and then radiation. I appear to be cancer-free now, but only time will tell.

If your father is cured, he can absolutely live a normal life. He may have side effects from the treatment, but if he chooses a treatment that is best for him, and has access to quality medical treatment, the chances are very good that side effects will be minimal/manageable.

All options have pros and cons. Surgery, for example, has the advantage of “getting it out” and having a pathologist examine the removed tissue. Plus, if PSA later rises, the patient might still be cured with radiation. Radiation, on the other hand, has the benefit of not being surgery — and prostatectomy is major surgery, make no mistake.

Hormone therapy would not be curative, only palliative, although it is sometimes used in conjunction with radiation as a cure, and may make the radiation more effective. And sometimes hormone therapy is used before brachytherapy (seeds) to reduce the size of the prostate before treatment.

If your father has access to proton beam therapy, he should look into that. It’s not widely available in the U.S. Yet, but is becoming more so. It’s a radiation technology that, by all accounts, has very few side effects.

All the local treatments–surgery (open or robotic), external radiation, or seed implants, have comparable rates of effectiveness.

As to which option is preferable, only your father can make that decision for himself. Here’s a quick guide, “How to Choose the Best Prostate Cancer Treatment for YOU”: Http://www.ehow.com/how_5308649_prostate…

Also, I highly recommend the book “Dr. Patrick Walsh’s Guide to Surviving Prostate Cancer” (2007 ed.)

My elderly father died as a result of radiation treatment he had from prostate cancer. Is this common?He died three weeks after he had a hemorrhage and his organs shut down. He was confused and agitated and disorientated. I was convinced it would buy him some time but it killed him. Nothing will bring him back and the world has missed out one of the best and kindest men you would ever meet. Is it common in older people?
He was 69.

Posted by Marjory
[display_name id=”0″]I lost my wife to cancer treatment. Without treatment she probably would have had 10 to 15 more comfortable years.

It is common for the for profit medical profession to recommend highly toxic, and even dangerous, treatment for slow growing cancer. When the patient dies from the treatment, they put a “cure” in their score column. The cancer didn’t cause the death. They won’t even take responsibility for their poor diagnosis or wrong treatments.

My wife was 69, and very active.

Sorry about your loss. I hope between us we can make the world conscious of how self serving these for profit practitioners really are.


Radiation for Prostate Cancer Treatment
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