Prostate Radiation Procedure

MDx/CDx Focus: Published Studies on Prostate Cancer Tests Oncotype DX … – GenomeWeb

MDx/CDx Focus: Published Studies on Prostate Cancer Tests Oncotype DX …GenomeWeb… Progression or die from the disease. However, according to current clinical guidelines all high-risk patients should be offered secondary radiation treatment to reduce their chances of metastasis, the firm noted in a statement reporting on the …and more »

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Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (Enlarged Prostate): What Is It And How Do You Spot The Symptoms?

Prostate enlargement, also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia, is a common condition that affects older men and while it isn’t a serious condition, it can be distressing if you don’t know what it is. Dr Paul Zollinger-Read, chief medical officer for Bupa UK and HuffPost UK blogger says: “Benign prostatic hyperplasia – often referred to as BPH – is a non-cancerous, or benign, enlargement of …

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Questions and Answers

A program you showed Prostate Cancer??You aired a show about Prosate Cancer, a better way of getting it treated!!!
It showed a Black men, duing the Procedure. They were using Seeds. But in a new way??I think I saw ii on Jan 24 07. I need to get this infromation on this topic!!

Posted by C H

[display_name id=”0″]It’s called Brachytherapy. The seeds are radio activated and implanted into the prostate with needles. The amount of seeds and radiation depend on the size of the prostate. It is an outpatient procedure and you can usually resume normal activity within a few days (after soreness). It seems to have a very good result. Check with your urologist about the procedure or make an appointment with a Radiation Oncologist to discuss the procedure. They will be able to tell you what your options are in your area.

Prostate cancer…any non-radiation options available that don’t involve a catheter?
Posted by SainTtothEeVE

[display_name id=”0″]Prostate cancer radiation treatment procedures as well as other treatments for prostate cancer involve wearing a catheter just for a few days.

Can You pass stools after Prostate microvave surgery?My Father just got his surgery done and He has a bag attached to him for urine, and she has an urge to pass stool, but isnt able to. The doc office is closed now. So does anyone know, is it normal to not be able to pass bowel after surgery? Thank you.

Posted by Googie La

[display_name id=”0″]That’s a new procedure that I’m not familiar with but since the prostate is in close proximity to the colon I suppose it could have some affect on bowel movement. I had radiation on my prostate and I wasn’t affected in my bowel movements by it but some guys who had radiation were. You really need to talk to the doc who performed the surgery.…

Prostate Radiation Procedure
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