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Posted by Santee


Does Saw Palmetto help with Prostate problems.   There are several things, including Saw Palmetto, that you can use to help with your symptoms.320mg daily of Saw Palmetto, helps reduce hormone stimulation of the prostate tissue.  160 – 200mg daily of Pygeum Africanum, an extract from the bark of an African tree that has a long history of use, as well as scientific validation, for reducing prostate enlargement. Rye pollen extract is good. Nettle root, 120mg twice daily. Beta-sitosterol, 60-130mg daily. 100mg daily of zinc for two months, then 50mg daily as a maintenance dosage, and take 3mg of copper with it. 1 tablespoon of flaxseed oil, or 3000mg of fish oil daily. These fatty acids reduce inflammation.

Quercitin is a type of flavonoid that reduces inflammation.  Oregano oil is great too.A diet of basic whole foods will provide plenty of fibre and regulate hormone levels. Eat lots of whole grains and fresh veges, and get your protein from beans, fish, and soy products. Tomatoes are an excellent source of lycopene, which has an important protective effect on the prostate. Cooked tomatoes are more potent than raw. Pumpkin seeds are a traditional remedy for prostate problems. They’re full of zinc. Eat them raw and natural, not roasted or salted. Green tea (decaffeinated) is much better than coffee as it promotes healthy detoxification. Drink plenty of water also, to keep fluid moving through the urinary tract. Eliminate all saturated, hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats/oils from your diet. A diet that’s high in fat and low in fibre is one of the main causes of prostate problems. These fats cause inflammation. Sugar wreaks havoc on hormone levels and worsens inflammation. Radically restrict, or completely remove, refined sugar from your diet. Avoid alcohol and caffeine. They are irritants to the prostate gland. Amino acids relieve urinary symptoms of prostate patients. Take glycine, alanine, and glutamic acid – an excellent combination. A high potency multivitamin would be useful.There are probably more things, but that’s all I can think of right now. It’d be useful to consult a naturopath, as some things may not be available over the counter at health food stores where you live.


Good luck 🙂



Prostate: Are These Problems Due To This?  Earlier this year I had to have a small operation to determine what was causing my water works problems.Several weeks later I went back to hospital and was told by a Urologist that I had an enlarged prostate.
And was told that it is very inconvenient (which it is) and if it got any worse to go back!Anyhow I have always enjoyed a healthy sex life but I have noticed recently that I am either having problems maintaining or getting an erection and other times I have no problems at all!  I know I can go to see my G.P. Which is best but am embarrassed-even though they are used to hearing these types of questions.
And If I get any answers from this question that suggest this I will do this. Are there any other (around abouts 40 yrs) gents out there that have the same or similar problems to me.  If so how do you cope with this problem? I am also frightened about what might happen in my future years!Any advice or any relevant web addresses on this subject appreciated? Thanks.

Posted by davie

The prostate wont effect your erections, not while its there anyway. The operation to remove it for cancer can cause ED if not total impotence, but an enlarged prostate doesnt interfere.Around the age you are is when bad health habits begin to show up. Men eat bad a lot of times and the plaque that builds in your arteries begins taking a toll around 40 or so. I suspect if you ate right and began a fitness program that would see a complete turnaround in time.

I had a prostate infection and enlarged prostate. I too worry about long term things like cancer. In the end, i believe stress only increases the chances. I have tried very hard to let go and just live life. Worrying about it only makes it worse. I would watch for further symptoms that say it is getting worse. Pain or even blood on ejaculation at the tip of your penis. Urine stream problems is another indication. Now that you know you have issues, have your GP keep an eye on your PSA level with a blood test once a year or as symptoms pop up.


Prostate Problems? Okay. I have had a weird.. Sort of burning feeling in my Penis area. Also happens when I urinate.. It has been going on and off and usually lasts for a month or two?
I believe… The first time I went to the doctor he said it was just an ‘infection’ I find this hard to believe.. Okay. I left one detail out.. I havent been sexually active since a little before I saw my doctor.. He gave me some penicilin? And a shot to make sure it wasnt an STD. After that it was GONE. But, then it came back. Not enough fluids?

Posted by reynmofo

Its not prostate problem. I believe that it might be cause of lack of fluid. Less water to drink. Maybe. But anyway see other better Doctor to see your problem.So drink a lot of water 2.5L -3.0L per day.

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