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Novogen Identifies Highly Active Drug Candidates Against Prostate Cancer

Novogen Limited (NASDAQ: NVGN, ASX:NRT), an oncology drug development company, today announced that it has achieved a key milestone with its super-benzopyran (SBP) drug program, having identified a number of SBP compounds with potent anti-cancer activity against human prostate cancer cells in vitro.

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Questions and Answers

Is Propecia safe and worth it?My hair is thinning at the crown and im 26, its been happening for two years but now i wanna do something.
I have just started Minoxidil 5% and Nizoral but probably wont see any results on those alone, ive only been using them for a day so way too early to tell.
But Propecia?
I want it but i also want to retain my sex drive and penile
No seriously, their are websites dedicated to propecia sufferers (, and that worries me immensely.
But it seems to be the only viable solution, and used woth Minoxidil (the only other FDA approved hairl loss drug) it can have good results.
Permanent impotence has been reported and is frequently talked about on the forums i mentioned, what do you think….should i risk it?

Posted by GarySmith

[display_name id=”1″]It has waaaaay too many side effects for me.

Propecia is the name of the drug Finasteride prescribed in 1mg doses to combat hair loss in men. Propecia side effects include some forms of sexual dysfunction which may alarm some users.

Just what is the evidence and are there any statistics to help us evaluate the risks involved with the side effects of Propecia?

The effects of Propecia and the side effects were noted on 1,553 males who took Propecia over a 2 year period.

Clinical trials produced the following statistics for Propecia side effects:

Decrease in sexual desire: 1.8%
Problems with erection: 1.3%
Decrease in semen volume ejaculated: 1.2%

To put these figures into perspective, when monitoring Propecia’s side effects, 3.8% experienced some kind of sexual dysfunction while 2.1% of the men using a placebo also experienced the same problems.

Additionally, these side effects were reversible in the men who discontinued taking Propecia and within some weeks they had disappeared.

One point to note is that the stopping of Propecia can result in losing any hair that has been regrown. The drug needs to be taken indefinitely to maintain the hair growth and density.

However, if a user discontinued taking the drug after experiencing the Propecia side effects noted above, it is very unlikely he would experience any decrease in hair growth. This is because it takes between three to six months of daily use to see any increase in hair growth and the side effects are experienced well before then.

As Propecia effects hormone levels some men experienced tenderness in the breast. However, this was a small number and no more than those who used the placebo.

Another aspect of Propecia side effects has to do with the detection of prostate cancer. The drug Finasteride which is contained in the Propecia tablets was originally marketed to combat prostate cancer in men over 50. It was prescribed in 5 mg doses.

Finasteride can affect a man’s PSA levels (prostate specific antigen) which is often used as a screening test for prostate cancer. The use of Propecia may therefore affect the detection of prostate cancer. It has yet to be confirmed whether prolonged use of Propecia can actually reduce the risk of prostate cancer.…

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