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My brother was just diagnosed with prostate cancer how can i help him ?Are there things i can do to help him or meals he can eat to help him feel better what can he expect he is going to have the davinci surgery.,what will his life span be now that he has cancer is it going to shorten his life?’

Posted by Tim W
[display_name id=”1″]The surgery will either completely cure the cancer or it will demonstrate via a rising psa test after surgery that the cancer had spread beyond the gland, beyond anything removed.As you would expect, if it removes all the cancer, end of discussion.

If there is a rising psa after surgery, then a systemic approach will be used. That is, typically the next stage of treatment will be hormonal therapy. But it may be that a ct scan will find a well localized lump that can be removed or irradiated. Even with removal or irradiation of a secondary lump, is it highly likely that hormonal therapy… Typically androgen ablatement therapy will be proposed. This can shrink a prostate cancer by removing androgens, particularly testosterone.
If he lives long enough, androgen ablatement therapy will fail, and at that point one expects to see fairly rapid progression.

Androgen ablatement therapy by removing a major consumer of cholesterol, the testes, from the picture, will typically lead to fairly rapid hardening of the arteries and to weakening of heart muscle, unless the androgen ablatement therapy is used in an on then off cycling.

An alternative to androgen ablatement therapy has been observed in 2 ways.
If a patient is on lipitor or similar cholesterol reducing drugs, it appears that by reducing cholesterol we deprive the testes of the material they use to produce testosterone. Like androgen ablatement this deprives prostate cancer of testosterone, and slows progression, even changes a high Gleason grade cancer to a lower grade. What this approach does not do, however is promote hardening of the arteries.

Another approach is based on the observation that men who have lost a minimum of 1l pounds in a short period rarely present with aggressive forms of prostate cancer, even though they will present with lower Gleason grade cancer.

During fairly rapid weight loss, the aggressive cancer can not feed itself, mostly because the body is not producing enough insulin to keep it supplied with glucose. It is supposed that the higher Gleason grade cancer may starve to death or may simply convert to being a low grade cancer.

A combination of Lipitor and rapid weight loss would appear to offer a strong chance of lowering the Gleason grade enough to take prostate cancer down from aggressive to non-aggressive.
There is a paper on PCRI website archives that tells of a test done that demonstrates that very close control of insulin production can alone drop the Gleason grade from 6 to 3. But as indicated in that paper, there was a need to avoid use of anything that contained peanut oil, anything with omega-6 fatty acid, just to get the last level of control.

Back in April 2006 I began to follow his protocol, with lipitor, and symptoms like bone pain present when I began have disappeared. That is just anecdotal evidence, not well documented in my case even though well documented on PCRI archives.

We do know from broadly based statistical evidence that the weight loss part of this protocol appears to have strong benefit. And use of statins like Lipitor do have a strong benefit, statistically speaking.

I do follow the dietary recommendations on PCRI website.

During the 3 months I was using the PCRI documented strategy of insulin control, I changed from being pre-diabetic to normal, took my blood pressure to 110/72, and lost 60 lbs from 300 to 240.

Again, this is not an approved method of treatment, it just appears statistically and anecdotal to be effective.

Where is your prostate? I’m having a debate with my friend.?She says that the prostate is in your penis.
But when you go to the doctor, they stick their finger up your ass.
It’s up there, right?

Posted by Jay
[display_name id=”1″]I don’t know where your friend is getting this information, but it’s wrong. The prostate is located below the bladder, which can be felt through a finger being placed inside the anus. There are no reproductive organs or any organs inside the penis. The only thing inside the penis is muscle, blood tissues, nerves and the urethra. Below I listed a picture of the male anatomy, including the prostate. View it and if you have any other questions, ask an adult (if you all are teens) or your doctor for more information. There is no need to sound uneducated with the wide variety of books and internet (educational) sites out there. Hope this helps.
Should I milk my prostate?Well, I want to be able to ejaculate more and I heard milking your prostate does It In a more Intense way. Is this strange or weird by anyway? Do you use lotion, and does looking at a hot picture help? Should I do this???

Posted by Bobby
[display_name id=”1″]Well the prostate can effect sperm ejaculation….but it also requires you shove something up your @$$….And it doesn’t help as much unless you also have a naturally wide urethra like me (your man-stick’s tube on the inside that the “stuff” squirts from)

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