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What can cause prostate inflammation and pain?Any answers? Help… (this is for a guy friend I know)

Posted by Enough
[display_name id=”1″]Prostate can be subject to infection and swelling which can be benign or malignant. Men over fifty often have swelling and older often have cancer in prostate but if not spreading usually is treated as watch and wait before advising surgery. Swelling will cause frequent urination since it presses on urethra and bladder fails to empty completely . Health food stores have a herbal tea that is very effective and if this does not work there are medications by prescription.
I need help! Prostate pain…anyone else ever get this?Sometimes, very rarely (like it’s only happened 4-5 times in a year), when I have an orgasm I have excruciating pain in my butt, taint, and balls. I feel it most in my prostate and it’s unbelievably painful for about 15 minutes. I’ve passed out before, I feel hot and cold, my extremities go numb, I feel like I have to poop (but I don’t), I feel like I’m going to throw up. Anyone else ever feel this way I’d say it’s happened like 20 times in my life (I’m 29). I don’t have any other health or sexual issues. I have no problem with my sex life, it’s just sometimes when I ejaculate, this happens.

Posted by John
[display_name id=”1″]I would suggest going to a Dr. There could be something medical that is causing this. It seems that would be the best issue seriously. Just to make sure it isn’t something to serious. I checked out a site. This is what I found under the symptoms you gave. Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis Micro-organisms can enter the prostate gland to set up a localized infection with pus and even micro-abscesses. Swelling rapidly occurs, which traps the bacteria in the gland as the usual drainage channels become blocked off. In some cases, bacteria become coated in prostatic secretions that harden to form tiny crystals or stones. This protects them from attack by the body’s immune system and antibiotics and accounts for the repeated flare-ups that are common in chronic bacterial prostatitis. Symptoms vary, but may include: • pain and discomfort in the prostate, scrotum, testes, rectum or tip of the penis • aching in the lower back, lower abdomen or inner thighs • watery discharge from the penis • urinary problems such as urgency, getting up at night to pass water, pain on passing water • pain on ejaculation • premature ejaculation • blood in the semen • infection and swelling of the testes. Unfortunately, this condition can be difficult to eradicate. Some men suffer recurrent symptoms throughout their life. Hope this helps. Best to go see a Dr. And get diagnosed correctly. Wish you luck.
What is the Difference in Prostate Pain & Hemorrhoids?My husband had severe pain about 2 years ago and actually went to the hospital. At which they did x-rays that totaled over 10,000 dollars all to release him and say they were going to refer us to a urologist! Wow!! Anyhow he saw the urologist who said he just had an enlarged prostate and the only treatment was to either just tolerate it or have surgery. Anyone know much about this? Does that diagnosis sound right. I ask because he has been having the same pain recently and we are trying to get pregnant, so I feel like he is double pressured and I don’t want him to be stressed 🙁 oh, I read in a different post that prostate pain could be confused for hemorrhoids. Wasn’t sure if maybe he was misdiagnosed. The urologist didn’t take any x-rays only did a “physical exam” THANK YOU!!!

Posted by ddti
[display_name id=”1″]I really, really doubt that many men would mistake one for the other. The prostate is deep within you, as any man who’s had a digital rectal exam can tell you. Hemorrhoids are in the anus–basically at the doorway, to use an analogy The prostate is much further in, like the living room. As far as I know, an enlarged prostate by itself is not painful, but it can cause problems in urinating that are uncomfortable. Some types of prostatitis, on the other hand, are definitely painful. Prostatitis is a non-cancerous inflammation. There’s other stuff in the area of the prostate that can be the culprit, too. The prostate is right up against the bladder and bowel. Gas bubbles, constipation, all could cause pain right in that region. There are other treatments for an enlarged prostate, by the way. Most men and their doctors would try a medication like Avodart way before surgery. Hopefully your husband is faithfully getting his PSA and DRE. Best wishes.

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