Prostate Infection

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Is this a prostate infection?  My symptoms are, decreased force in urine stream, feel like somethings in the back of my urethra, clear discharge, feeling of pee stuck or dripping. Went to the ER 3 days ago, they said they thought it was Urethritis, they gave me a shot of antibiotics. I believe it should be better by now…. So now I’m worrying. Anyone know if that sounds like a prostate infection to you? I was tested for a UTI, came back negative. Thanks!

Posted by Nick Ferreira

You have not mentioned your age, which most men don’t really begin to have a serious issue with the prostate until in there mid to late 30 or even older, but that is not saying you may or may not have an issue now. A check with a urologist is your best bet in finding a better means of dealing with this however I have taken the liberty to give a little provided below.The prostate could be enlarged and they can give you a medicine for that to reduce it, there is also a surgery were by they will remove a portion. I don’t think that is what you want to do just yet, it sometimes helps open the tube back up if one masturbate and lets out some of the seaman fluid. Why this helps I have no real idea but I know it has help me a few times. Over masturbation may also cause some issue, were by the muscle that it used to ejaculate is in a continues spasm and will not relax enough to allow normal functions. Might want to keep that in mind.

I know in a way how you feel, when you have the urge to urinate and it is almost to the point of tears until a flow begins and even then it is so slow. The pressure soon subsides but in a short period it returns or the next time urination accrues. Drinking more fluids helps clean out the track so to speak if you can deal with the pain that often accompanies. It is such a relief once the bladder is empty. The only other alternative that comes to mind is having the cath inserted then having a bag to empty.



Posted by blo671

How to treat prostate infection?   You need to go to the doctor to get prescribed some antibiotics. Here is more information”Antibiotics are often used to treat prostate infections. For acute prostatitis, you take antibiotics for 4 to 6 weeks. For chronic prostatitis, you take antibiotics for at least 4 to 6 weeks. Because the infection can come back, you may need to take medicine for even longer — up to 12 weeks — to get rid of the infection. Often, the infection will not go away, even if you’ve been taking antibiotics for a long time. After you stop taking antibiotics, your symptoms may return. If your swollen prostate gland makes it hard to empty your bladder, you may need a tube to empty it through your abdomen (suprapubic catheter), or from inside your body (indwelling catheter).

To care for prostatitis at home: Urinate often and completely. Take warm baths to relieve pain. Take stool softeners to make bowel movements more comfortable. Avoid substances that irritate your bladder, such as alcohol, caffeinated foods and drinks, citrus juices, and hot or spicy foods. Drink more fluid (64 – 128 ounces per day) to urinate often and help flush bacteria out of your bladder. After you finish antibiotic treatment, get examined by your health care provider to make sure the infection is gone.”

 Posted by txcatwoman

What causes a prostate infection?  I seem to get recurring prostate infections, what causes this , and what can I do for it. I just got diagnosed with this and was placed on Levaquin(antibiotic) 500 mg for 7 days. The doctor (new to me) told me it probably derived from a UTI I had last year and was treated for. She told me that I was probably not treated fully and the infection layed dormant until now and I have a prostate infection (prostatitis). You should go to the doctor and be heavily treated for this to be sure the infection is 100% gone. Drink plenty of fluids especially water. I also talked to a urologist one time at work (I work at a hospital) and he said that frequent emptying of the seminal vesicles helps to decrease the risk for prostate infections. I know how you feel. Pain, urinary urgency and frequency. I also had a discharge…it was awful…it is getting better though. Email me any more questions about this, I will help out all that I can.

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