Medications for Prostate Problems

Shawn Vestal: Veterans frustrated with wait times at Spokane VA hospital – The Spokesman Review

Shawn Vestal: Veterans frustrated with wait times at Spokane VA hospitalThe Spokesman ReviewPart of that is associated with pulmonary disease, and he’s been receiving treatment for his breathing problems and other symptoms for several years. When the … “They called me the next day and said, ‘Looks like you have prostate cancer,’ ” he said.

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Chemical in Plastic Bottles may be harming your children – US governement Health agency (yogaplace)

If you or your children are drinking bottled water from a plastic bottle, feeding from a plastic baby bottle or infant formula from a can you might want to stop this ASAP. This Tuesday a US government draft report warned that a bisphenol alos known as BPA, a chemical used in some “plastic food and drink packaging, including baby bottles may be tied to early puberty and prostate and breast cancer”. The draft findings come from the National Toxicology program which is part of the U.S. National Institutes of Health. In Canada there are reports that the Canadian Health minister is about to declare BPA a dangerous substance. This would make it the first regulatory body in the world to make this determination. As you might expect there are divergent opinions of the draft results between the chemical manufactures and environmental activists who have long warned about the potential harmful health effects the chemical. According to Reuters, “The American Chemistry Council industry group said the conclusions confirmed that human exposure to bisphenol A is extremely low and noted no direct evidence that exposure adversely affects reproduction or development in human” And from the environmentalists, “NTP’s …

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Shawn Vestal: Veterans frustrated with wait times at Spokane VA hospital – Wed, 04 Jun 2014 PST

Rex Miller’s problems getting in to see a pulmonologist have left him frustrated. Miller is a retired Air Force master sergeant with a 70 percent disability. Part of that is associated with pulmonary disease, and he’s been receiving treatment for his breathing problems and other symptoms for several years. When the effectiveness of his prescription medications began to wane in February – making …

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Enlarged Prostate Medication Treatment | Prostate Problems Solved

Questions and Answers

? New medication for men-prostate problems?
Posted by honey1
[display_name id=”0″]Medication are available for prostrate problem.
Prostate medication and treatment?The symtoms are bph but the doctor diagnosed them as prostatitis
the medicine he gave me in the past were SOLIFENACIN for 30 days and after another visit TAMSULOSIN for 60 days
both medications did not improve anything in the slightest.
Same problems still and my libido completely shot.
Is laser surgery the way forward ?
My confident in this urologist is not the greatest.Need suggestions regards further treatment or medication to get my plumbing back to normal.

Posted by spike
[display_name id=”0″]Solifenacin is a medication which helps to calm down the bladder and improve symptoms of urgency and frequency, usually recommended to try for 2 months before you make a decision whether it is working, allegedly it takes about a week to begin to be effective but in reality can take up to 3 weeks, if bladder urgency and frequency were not your main symptom, then it will not be effective.Tamsulosin works in a completly differant way, it works on the prostate gland to improve the urine flow, it can take 6 to 18 months to really be effective. Lazer treatment can help to shrink/remove the prostate but if the prostate is inflamed/irritable it may only make matters worse and may not help,at the moment. Go back to discuss with your GP or urologist as there are other medications as alternatives for both the ones you tried, but they do need to be taken for longer. Your libido may be affected by the enlarged prostate but anxiety is also contributing to the problem, see your GP.

Enlarged prostate or not?– i had blood work done because my kidney levels were off but now there fine since i left my stressful job. The dr. Then made me get a ultra sound and it shows i have an enlarged prostate. I never had real symptoms except a couple of times I had urine that looked like hot sauce at the end of urinating.( i did eat alot of hot sauce). Anyways this ultra was done 2 months ago and i see the specialist next month. What bothers me now is in the last week I urininate roughly 5 times a night and this does seem like prostate issues but my urine is strong and long and Im not really drinking alot? Im 42 and wondering what people think before I get the medical advice. I ‘m wondering if its the fan my wife puts on thats full blast on me too.

Posted by rob
[display_name id=”0″]Shortly after my prostate surgery I read an article that said 50% of men have prostate problems between the ages of 50 and 60, and after that the odds went up.Enlarged prostate is something that happens to almost every man.
You may be able to control this with medication.
You may need surgery.
Try not to stress, it is not cancer it is BPH.
The temperature in your house is not related to your prostate.…

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