External Radiation for Prostate Cancer

Men’s health month: Treating prostate cancer – W*USA 9

Men’s health month: Treating prostate cancerW*USA 9Other techniques for treating prostate cancer are external beam radiation and surgery to remove the prostate gland altogether. It’s been 5 years since George got his treatment and his PSA levels are still under control. Giuseppe says, “Yeah, we are all …and more »

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Prostate-Cancer Radiation Has Some Dangers

Prostate-cancer patients who have received radiation treatment appear more likely to develop bladder or rectal cancer, new research shows. And while the number of cases is relatively low, investigators said that patients should still be monitored for those illnesses.

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Radiation therapy in the spotlight (Part 1 of 2) - Harvard ...

Questions and Answers

Anyone had bad experience with radiation therapy?What kind of side effects did you have?

Posted by nutritionist34

[display_name id=”0″]Radiation is a “local treatment” meaning it affects only the area it is aimed at. In this way it is similar to surgery, and different from chemo – which is aimed at killing cancer cells all over the body.Because of this, the side effects that one gets from radiation depend very much on where the radiation is treating. I.e. If you are treating the prostate/pelvis or the abdomen, you may experience bowel problems: nausea/vomitting, diarrhea. The exception to this is that because of the damage the radiation does to normal cells, patients will frequently experience fatigue regardless of the body site treated.

It shoudl also be noted that side effects of radiation can occur in the short or long term. The short term effect of radiation occur during or soon after radiation finished, and are typically things like fatigue, nausea vomitting, skin soreness/redness and even weeping skin, diarrhea; again, all these symptoms are dependent upon where is being treated.

In the long term 6-18 months after radiation, individuals can experience other side effect as long term effect of the radiationon normal tisses that coudl not be avoided begins to take effect. These effects are quite rare now-a-days, but when they do occur, some of these can be severe. I.e. If the bowel is being treated, adhesions can result in a bowel obstruction, if the chest is being treated, a chronic cough can dvelop

Anyway, hope this help!

How is beam radiation therapy administered?
Posted by Emma W

[display_name id=”0″]External beam radiation therapy is radiation delivered from a distant source, from outside the body and directed at the patient’s cancer site. External beam therapy is the radiation therapy treatment option used for cancer patients. It is used to treat many types of tumors including cancers of the head and neck area, breast, lung, colon, and prostate.Depending upon tumor location, low-energy radiation does not penetrate very deeply into the body and is used mainly to treat surface tumors such as skin cancer while high-energy radiation is used to treat other deeper cancers.

Stereotactic radiation therapy involves focusing the radiation beam on a small area and delivering very high doses. The therapy targets a tumor from many different directions so the beams of radiation converge on the tumor. This way, it destroys tumor cells is delivered directly to the tumor growth, while the amount of exposure to the area surrounding the tumor is minimized. Stereotactic radiation therapy is very effective in treating small tumors such as those in the head and brain.


Are there genuine ways of improving Prostate problems without the Operation?

Posted by weevil
[display_name id=”0″]I had the choice of “the operation” or having radiation therapy. I had the procedure called cooled radiation therapy, right in my doctor’s office. My urine flow has improved, can still have erections and life is good! I had it done about 4-5 years ago. No hospital stay either. Check with your urologist about it.


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