Enlarged Prostate and Back Pain

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Why Enlarged Prostate May Cause Back Pain?

Posted by Oliver
[display_name id=”1″]The enlarged prostate causes blockage so you can not urinate.
The back pain is the urine backing up.
Once the bladder is drained the pain is gone instantly.
Is my enlarged prostate causing stomach pain?About 4 days ago i went ti my urologist because i was peeing alot at night.He drew blood and i has a PSA done.That came back normal,as well as my urinalysis.
He then gave me a rectal,which he found that my prostate was enlarged.No lumps or anything though.
He only prescribed flomax to help with the urination.
Im in no pain at all.The only thing thats happening now since i left his office is im getting real quick pains around my stomach.Nothing at the flank,just under below the rib cage and toward the middle.It feels like that cramp you get when you run too much,but not that intense.
I also get it right in the middle,like real short stabbing pains.
It doesnt happen all the time,and when it does,it last for only a second.
Can the enlarged prostate affect the stomach like this?

Posted by newdad022000
[display_name id=”1″]The Prostate and Stomach are about a foot apart.
A direct connection in symptoms is highly unlikely,
except possible reaction to the new drug.
This is a question for the Doctor, not a bunch of ‘Yahoos’.
Prostate Pain???!!!!!?Why do i get pain in the prostate at random times?

Posted by J0$H C@P@T! <R.T.R>
[display_name id=”1″]Many men often experience prostate pain before the actually go and have a prostate examination to determine the problem of their individual prostate pain. Early signs that many men experience includes trouble urinating either a decrease or increase in frequency. One may feel as though their bladder is not emptying all the way, or they may be awoken several times throughout the night to use the restroom. Some may also feel prostate pain that is accompanied by blood or pus in the urine. This type of occurrence should be reported to your physician as soon as possible. The sooner you get the prostate examination done, the better. You may be dealing with an enlarged prostate, or there is a possibility that it could be that the prostate pain you have been feeling is a sign of prostate cancer. Your physician will provide a diagnosis and treatment options available to choose from.Why Does the Prostate Grow?
There are conflicting theories as to why the prostate glands growth goes through these phases. The two theories are based on changes hormonal levels.

Change in Sexual Hormones
As a man ages the relative levels of the testosterone and estrogen change, with estrogen levels increasing in relation to testosterone. There is evidence to suggest that the increase in relative estrogen promotes cell growth in the prostate gland, particularly when in the presence of elevated DHT levels.

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