Dripping Urine in Men

83% men unaware of prostate cancer risks – ITV News

ITV News83% men unaware of prostate cancer risksITV NewsProblems urinating such as needing to pass water more often, a weak flow, dribbling urine, straining or taking a long time to start or finish urinating. Less common symptoms include pain when urinating or ejaculating, blood in your urine or semen …and more »

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What’s So Wrong With Diapers Anyway?

Wendy LaTorre of Men’s Liberty – http:www.mensliberty.com – discusses the problems with adult diapers trapping urine moisture against the skin. The types of skin ulcers and problems that arise from trapped urine can be avoided in men with the use of Men’s Liberty.

Questions and Answers

Is it common for uncircumsized men to leak after they urinate?

[display_name id=”0″]Leaking, no. An uncircumcised man should draw the foreskin back when urinating, to avoid collection of urine under the foreskin, and to preven spraying. You may be seeing some trapped urine under the foreskin dripping out.

All men have other leakage problems as they age – the prostate naturally enlarges, and makes it harder to finish, so there can be some dribbling after urination.

What causes urine dripping in a man?My husband drips urine periodically through the day. No burning or hurting, and doesnt just happen after urinating, periodically through the day and night he drips not a lot just a little and he has tried making sure he gets all the urine out when he goes, so what could cause it? And yes it is urine for sure not discharge or anything crazy.this has been going on for over a year now and he wont see a dr can anyone help?

Posted by Sara P

[display_name id=”0″]Clearly some kind of bladder or prostate problem. I’m sure you’ve already done so, but keep trying to make him see the fact that the pros of getting it checked out deffo outweigh the cons.

He should want to get it sorted out just as much for your sake as for his own!

Men: guy problem !!.?Ok i need to know how to stop the urine drops after urinating. Shaking and coughing doesnt work with me.

Im 16 male and if i take meds to reduce pee then is it advisable to take med?
Um im sick ya mostly im sick bcoz i fart alot since i dont eat healthy food.
No i dont hv watery shitr*s.

Posted by Ramadan Sect.

[display_name id=”0″]Allright I just have a few questions.

Do you have watery … Shits?

Have you been sick recently?

I had the same thing as you did. You would go take a piss, then have to wait a bit for the drips to stop, you’d zip up your pants then it would start dripping again. Yeah.

Bad news is you might have some type of urinary infection. Nothing Serious.

You should go see your family doctor, get some blood and urine tests done and see what he has to say.


Dripping Urine in Men
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