Best Treatment for Prostate Cancer

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Vancouver SunProstate Cancer Screening: Seduction Of The InnocentXconomyWhat is the morbidity associated with subsequent tests and treatment? How often does the test provide false positives and negatives? In the case of prostate cancer, the vast majority of men will die from other causes before their slow-growing prostate …Sponsored by Prostate Cancer Canada: Assessing the options: Multiple factors …Vancouver SunAggressive treatment doesn’t benefit older, sicker men with early-stage …Oncology Nurse AdvisorOncoBriefs: Delayed Tx for Prostate Ca, New AntiandrogenMedPage TodayKSAT San Antonioall 26 news articles »

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Utah father-and-son cancer survivors run ‘The Amazing Race’ again (Salt Lake Tribune)

A year ago, fans of “The Amazing Race” were becoming fans of Utahns Dave and Connor O’Leary.
The father-and-son cancer survivors — Dave had prostate cancer; Connor had testicular cancer — were doing great on the CBS reality/competition show that takes contestants around the world. They finished third in the first leg of the race and were about to finish second in the second leg … when, suddenly, Dave felt something. Something bad.

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6 Questions Every Man Should Ask His Doctor

“It’s very difficult for men to speak to doctors,” says Richard Sadovsky, an associate professor of family medicine at SUNY Downstate Medical Center in New York City. It’s especially difficult for men to discuss preventive health, Sadovsky says, because when they do go to the doctor, they’re focused on what’s bothering them at that specific instance, not what could be wrong with them down the …

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Decode The Three Common Prostate Cancer Treatments | kodjoworkout.

Questions and Answers

How serious is prostate cancer?If a man is in his 60’s, has had prior cancer (different type) that was cured through chemo/radiation 10 years ago, now has some cancer cells on prostate but doctor said it’s not enlarged, might just have to remove it – is that serious or ? It seems to be a common cancer so I’m assuming it’s not too serious if caught early, cells have not moved anywhere else? Would removing the prostate virtually cure him?
I should rephrase – how serious is it with regards to the scenario I list. I am not saying it is not serious, but HOW serious like on a scale of 1 to 10. For example if it was enlarged or spread it would be worse.

Posted by Sweet n Sour

[display_name id=”0″]Prostate cancer is very serious if it is not caught in time and can be terminal very quickly. You can put it on a par with ovarian or cervical cancer. It can spread very quickly through to the bladder, pelvic bones, lymph glands etc.

Some types of cancer are very aggressive. The trouble is blokes have this macho image and will not got to the doctor at the first hint that something is wrong. They usually have a problem weeing caused by an enlarged prostate and it accelerates very quickly from there.

If they go to the doctor at the first time of trouble it can be controlled by drugs or an operation to either remove part or all of the prostate.

What blokes don’t realise is that 1 in 5 men over the age of 50 is affected by this. I went to the doctor at the first sign of trouble and mine is kept under control by drugs because it was caught straight away, and now that I am on the “books” I get tested every year to keep an eye on any change.

What is the best treatment for prostate cancer?Anyone out there that has or has had prostate cancer that could answer this question.

Posted by rainesgg

[display_name id=”0″]The best treatment for any cancer is the one your oncologist tailors for you. They look at your overall health. They consider the size, location and other details of the tumor. Then they discuss the options best suited to you. After a course of treatment test are run again to see if you are responding to the prescribed treatment. Not everyone responds the same way to any given drug or treatment. Always ask tons of questions. It also helps if someone goes to doctor appointments with you. They too can ask questions, take notes, and help you remember what the doctor said. You have my very best wishes for a complete cure.

Prostate cancer treatment?My husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer about 5 weeks ago. It was stage 1 and his gleason score was 3 .Last week he went in for surgery. They used a laser to remove it next they will implant a radiation seed it will last for 12 weeks. Does anyone have anymore information on this type of treatment I am a little confused on how this works.

Posted by Erin M

[display_name id=”0″]This technique is called “brachytherapy”, and is a great choice for patients who are acceptable candidates for it since it avoids the usually rather unpleasant potential side-effects of chemotherapy and the potential discomforts associated with “external” radiation treatment. The implanted “seed(s)” emit a low-level radiation that is powerful enough to travel only a very short distance, but far enough to destroy any cancer cells the laser surgery missed.

Here’s some commercial information:


And the National Cancer Institute pages:



Best wishes to your husband…

Best Treatment for Prostate Cancer
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