Alternative Treatment for Prostate Problems

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Prostatitis | Enlarged Prostate Blog

Questions and Answers

My father is diagnosed with prostate cancer, and doctor is saying for removal of testicles,?My father got problem with prostate since 6 months ago and had prostate enlargement, now he has done holep surgery, at the time of holep surgery doctor find out he has prostate cancer and he is saying for removal of testes, and other alternative is some kind of injection,which he will give every month. What can be best treatment for my dad, any advise.

Posted by Mohd

[display_name id=”0″]Your father’s urologist appears to suggest hormone treatment for his prostate cancer. Injections – hormone treatment – are a form of chemical castration, and as such is reversible, while an orchiectomy is of course irreversible and final – it’s a physical castration!

In Sweden, most men seem to prefer hormone treatment, as it works better for their male egos; side effects are usually less severe and quality of life improved, and only in some cases would an orchiectomy be preferable. Also, surgery or medication is a question of local resources: Surgery is staff-consuming and expensive, while hormone treatment is less staff-consuming but possibly more expensive in the long run.

Treatment of enlarged prostrates?Have been advised by my urologist to take COUNTIFLO OD F(tomsulosin 0.4mg+finastride 0.5mg).this medicine help me to pass urine easly.

Posted by free2dhawan

[display_name id=”0″]Go to your search bar and type in “alternative treatment for enlarged prostate” and “supplements for enlarged prostate”. Read through the sites to check out your options.

The tamsulosin is not a cure for the prostate, it only relaxes the muscle so you can urinate more easily. Surgery may still be needed. But, the finastride you are taking is an enzyme inhibitor used to treat the urinary problems caused by the enlargement of the prostate. Finastride may decrease the severity of symptoms and reduce the chance that surgery on the prostate will be needed. So, in my opinion, you are taking medications that are helpful. But, check out the other areas listed above so you know your options. Good Luck!

Surgery for prostate cancer?Brachytherapy or surgery.
My brother, 65 yrs. Has been diagnosed with prostate cancer.
His PSA is 8.01. He had his staging and his bone and CT scan were negative and there is no evidence of metastatic disease. He is aware that if he goes through with surgery, he has the risks of incontinence, and erectile dysfunction.
I’d like to know if anyone has been in a similar situation and if so what did you opt for, and any side effects, if any.
Thank you very much.

Posted by Saradha
[display_name id=”0″]I’m 68. I have only three more of 37 radiation treatments to go. My psa was originally 22 and dropped to 1.5 before radiation commenced. For me, radiation has been every day exept week-ends. I have not had any ill effects at all. Radiation is, I believe, far more preferable than surgery.
I nderstand that the libido goes never to return. I regret that but the alternative ( 6″ under) is not appealing, either.Most men by the time they turn 70 will have experienced some prostate problem Your brother is just on par. Assure him he has nothing to worry about. The radiation centre at the hospital where he will be treated is the best place in the world. The staff are really understanding and very encouraging. It does get a bit of a drag to present oneself at the hospital every day, but just think of it as his job.
Treatment only is a total matter of some sconds, but it will take about ten minutes per time. It does not hurt. But he must lie still so as he does not move his body and that’s when you become very conscious of hving an itchy nose or wanting to scratch your leg. But you get over that. Now, I’ll have to wait for another five or six weeks until I have another psa test done to see how effective the treatment has been. Touch wood, I shall be just fine. So will your brother. Just tell him not to make his own diagnoses. There are specialists who can do that for him and are much better at it. They will give him the best care in the world. He will be quite oka and he should just be thankful that thanks to modern medical science, he has been diagnsed early enough to get
the simplest possible treatment for cancer. Not only that, Prostate cancer is one of the cancers which responds very well to therapy. He has nothing to wrry about, but f he has not already done so, it s advisable for hm to make sre he sets his will in place.

Best wishes.…

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