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In my humble opinion, I have been one of the very lucky ones, that after being diagnosed with having a prostate tumour, I have gone through quite a few stages in recovering from this problem.

Below, you will find a list of the variety of after-effects that I had gone through, to finally become diagnosed as cancer free. The reason I started this website, when I was in hospital in a suburb of Sydney, Australia, I was waiting my turn to have radiation treatment.

While sitting in the waiting room, there was another gentleman in a chair opposite me. This gentleman, was very agitated, appeared to be very frightened, and after I spoke to him, I realised that he didn’t speak English properly nor understand very much of that language.

This gentleman, looked quite old and frail, and I felt so sorry for him because I realised that he didn’t know anything about radiation therapy, let alone anything to do with prostate problems. I was able to converse quite easily with this gentleman.

I explained to him all about the radiation treatment, and that there was nothing to worry about as regards the Radiation Machine.

I explained to him about having gold seeds implanted in the prostate and how the radiation was directed towards them. Thankfully, he had use of the machine first, and when he came out, he was extremely happy that what I had said was correct. As he was leaving he gave me the thumbs up sign, which is his way of saying thank you.

This gave me a fantastic , warm feeling inside. When I got home, I spoke to my wife, Pam, and explained what had happened. I was one of the lucky ones that received a free booklet about prostate problems from my specialist. After I had read it, I knew a lot more than most people and it helped me immensely for what was going to happen to me as I started the recovery process.

As I have been playing around with my computer and trying to create some websites to go on the Internet, I realised that because of my wonderful luck in being able to eventually have the Tumor killed off, here was my chance to help others in a roundabout way, that really do not know enough about the problems relating to the prostate.

As it has happened to me, and I have had the different experiences, it suddenly became very natural to create such a website. I have searched and found a lot of software products, which I am using in helping me make this website as successful as possible.

The different stages that I have gone through are as follows: Difficulty in urinating, visiting the specialist, having a biopsy,having special hormone injections, twice, having low radiation treatment, bleeding from the bladder, loss of a lot of blood through the penis, a catheter inserted in a hospital, an operation to remove 75% of my prostate (called turps – as my prostate was growing again).

I developed a side product of the turps operation, called deep-vein thrombosis, in my left leg from my pelvis right down to my big toe, had a special filter put into my inferior vein leading to my lungs, my medication was warfarin, and when all that was cleared up, I say very humbly, that I am as close as I can be, to Healthy again.

I do hope that this website can be a benefit for anyone and everyone that needs to know more about Prostate Problems. We will be continuously scouring the global Internet for as much real and pertinent information that is available out there. Thank you very much. Please remember “HEALTH IS HAPPINESS”.                                                                                         Harry. (Sydney, Australia).

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