PSA For Prostate Problems

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Vitamin D Supplements are Essential (I4UNews)

The deficiency of vitamin D can cause various problems in both men and women. Vitamin D deficiency can cause breast and prostate cancer. Hence, all those men and women who have have low level of…

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Older, sicker men with early-stage prostate cancer do not benefit from aggressive treatment

( University of California – Los Angeles Health Sciences ) Treating older men with early-stage prostate cancer who also have other serious underlying health problems with aggressive therapies such as surgery or radiation therapy does not help them live longer.

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Two PSA Test Standards Are Causing Problems in Screening for ...

Questions and Answers

Dog prostate problem?I have never dealt with any problem like this, but the vet said Draco has a prostate problem because he is getting too sexually excited, but he also said that this was something that happened in middle aged dogs, not 11 month old pups, but he said it’s rare, not impossible.His solution was neutering Draco, surely there is something else I can do, what do breeders do when they have females in heat around their studs? What do dog owners who have both intact males and females and don’t breed them do? Is it because Draco is not breeding that is causing this problem? I heard of ‘relieving’ your dog every 6 months, is this something necessary for some intact dogs? Would it fix his problem of being overly sexually excited??

I really wanted to keep my dog in his natural form! I don’t know what I should do or when else I can do! I don’t even fully understand the problem! Help!

Posted by Random Girl
[display_name id=”1″]Yes it does happen with young males as it did to my past stud dog before he was of age to even be used as a stud dog. (or should I say I wouldn’t use him as a stud until he was OFA’d) I had intact b*tches and my male had this problem ONCE, when he was old enough to be fertile, too young to be bred, and when my b*tches were in season. That was the only time he had this problem even though my b*tches were in season a couple more times before he was ever bred for the first time. I would certainly go with what your Vet said about the *excitement*, but not that it only happens to middle aged dogs as this is NOT rare at all. Now, if this turns out to be a reoccurring problem for your dog, it would be best to have him castrated.
Does caffeine cause prostate problems/urination pain?I have been drinking a lot of caffeine lately and was wondering if this has anything to do with having prostate problems? The reasoon i’m asking is because as soon as i started drinking a lot of caffeine, i started having urination pain. I’m wondering if it’s the caffeine or just something else? Is there anything I could do to stop the pain like nutrition bars or something?

Posted by
[display_name id=”1″]Bob, caffeine DOES NOT cause prostate/urination problems. I wonder how old you are. Prostate functioning is related to the urinary tract. It means that whatever affects one of them will affect the other at some point. You should go to your primary care provider and explain your concerns. A urine test must be done. Furthermore, a blood test as well as more specific tests should be done to asses how well your prostate is working. If you have prostate hyperplasia (BPH), whatever makes you urinate more frequently (water, coffee, bear, etc) will cause you discomfort during urination.

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