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Dr. David Samadi – Radiation Therapy Vs. Prostate Removal (Prostatectomy)

hello hello dr. Muir okay my name is Steven I have a I have an enlarged prostate I was given the flomax for a long time and I even was on a Vedad for about a year and after I developed prostate cancer very small decoded in time with a biopsy so I elected to … Read more

Prostate Cancer Procedures

Press Release BOSTON June 19 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — In a full-court press effort to highlight the critical importance of early detection of prostate cancer AdMeTech Foundation today hosted the state’s 6th Annual Prostate Cancer Awareness Day bringing together House Speaker Robert DeLeo Senate President Therese Murray Boston Mayor Martin Walsh Public Health Commissioner Cheryl Bartlett … Read more


New Findings May Explain PSA Bounce – Renal and Urology News New Findings May Explain PSA BounceRenal and Urology NewsOf the 362 patients, 58 received standard external beam radiotherapy (EBRT), 74 received hypofractionated EBRT, and 230 received brachytherapy. The researchers defined PSA bounce as a PSA rise of 0.2 ng/mL or greater with subsequent return … Read more

Radiation for Prostate Cancer Treatment

HIFU for Prostate Cancer an ‘Experimental Therapy’ – Medscape MedscapeHIFU for Prostate Cancer an ‘Experimental Therapy’MedscapeHello. I am Dr. Gerald Chodak for Medscape. Over the past several years I have commented on the concept of focal therapy for prostate cancer treatment. I want to revisit this concept because of an article by Dr. Giannarini and … Read more

Prostate Radiation Procedure

MDx/CDx Focus: Published Studies on Prostate Cancer Tests Oncotype DX … – GenomeWeb MDx/CDx Focus: Published Studies on Prostate Cancer Tests Oncotype DX …GenomeWeb… Progression or die from the disease. However, according to current clinical guidelines all high-risk patients should be offered secondary radiation treatment to reduce their chances of metastasis, the firm noted in … Read more

Stereotactic Radiation Therapy for Prostate

[monetize id=”1″] [monetize id=”2″] ASTRO issues new Model Policy for proton beam therapy The American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) has issued a new Model Policy for proton beam therapy (PBT) that details which cancer diagnoses meet ASTRO’s evidence-based standards and should be covered by private insurers and Medicare. [monetize id=”1″] Questions and Answers Is … Read more

Sex After Prostate Radiation Therapy

No need to rush into hormone therapy – The Australian Financial Review The Australian Financial ReviewNo need to rush into hormone therapyThe Australian Financial ReviewDrawn from research at Harvard, this news applies to men who have been treated with surgery or radiation but whose cancer markers are still going up. They have what is called … Read more

Prostate Radiation Therapy Side Effects

Preventing radiotherapy-associated sexual dysfunction in prostate cancer – Oncology Nurse Advisor Oncology Nurse AdvisorPreventing radiotherapy-associated sexual dysfunction in prostate cancerOncology Nurse AdvisorSexual dysfunction is a common and distressing side effect of prostate cancer treatment. Two new reports from randomized clinical trials offer mixed results for adjuvant pharmacotherapy intended to prevent erectile dysfunction in men undergoing … Read more

External Radiation for Prostate Cancer

Men’s health month: Treating prostate cancer – W*USA 9 Men’s health month: Treating prostate cancerW*USA 9Other techniques for treating prostate cancer are external beam radiation and surgery to remove the prostate gland altogether. It’s been 5 years since George got his treatment and his PSA levels are still under control. Giuseppe says, “Yeah, we are … Read more

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