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Pain in Bladder Area

OAB and interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome show considerable overlap – medwireNews OAB and interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome show considerable overlapmedwireNewsOne-quarter of OAB patients reported pain or burning during urination and 28% reported pain in the suprapubic and bladder area. Among IC/BPS patients, more than two-thirds reported some incontinence in the past 4 weeks; 46% had … Read more

Urinary Pressure With No Infection

Artificial Urinary Sphincter Artificial urinary sphincter is a surgically implanted device that helps men treat involuntary leakage of the bladder and get their lives back after prostate treatment. Dr. Angelo Gousse leads the highly experienced staff at the Bladder Health Program of South Florida. For more information, call 855-647-4876 or visit Bladder-Health.com. http://sharedprostateproblems.com/male-u…

Dripping Urine in Men

83% men unaware of prostate cancer risks – ITV News ITV News83% men unaware of prostate cancer risksITV NewsProblems urinating such as needing to pass water more often, a weak flow, dribbling urine, straining or taking a long time to start or finish urinating. Less common symptoms include pain when urinating or ejaculating, blood in … Read more

Urinary Dribbling in Men Treatment

Spinal Cord Compression Lead Cause of Urinary Incontinence – AllAfrica.com Spinal Cord Compression Lead Cause of Urinary IncontinenceAllAfrica.comUrinary incontinence is the accidental leakage of urine. At different ages, males and females have different risks for … However, adult women are far more likely than men to experience urinary incontinence because of anatomical differences in the … Read more

Urine Dribble in Men

[monetize id=”1″] [monetize id=”2″] [monetize id=”1″] Questions and Answers Why i feel like urine is moving in urethra ?I am 20 and have no UTI. For past 2 year I dribble after urination. Doctor say it is normal. But after urination i feel near testicles that some urine drops are moving. Feeling last for 10-20 … Read more

Urinary Dribbling

[monetize id=”1″] Questions and Answers Dribbling after urinating?Mid 40s white male.Been having a minor issue with this for a few years. Asked my Dr about it and he said to avoid both carbonated drinks as well as caffeine. Ok. I will do that. My question is more in depth. Why does carbonation and caffeine cause … Read more

Urinary Issues

[monetize id=”1″] Questions and Answers Anyone have a child with urinary trac issues?My son has level five urinary reflux, and is having a heck of a time with UTIs this summer. Just wondered if there was anyone who could relate and share there stories. Posted by sm2f [display_name id=”1″]I feel your pain, mine was diagnosed … Read more

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