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Dr. David Samadi – Radiation Therapy Vs. Prostate Removal (Prostatectomy)

hello hello dr. Muir okay my name is Steven I have a I have an enlarged prostate I was given the flomax for… 0

Enlarged Prostate – Dr. Joel Wallach

you you so John you’re on the air yeah that’s a lot of tough for taking my whole lawyer I’ve been that I’ve… 0

Is PSA Testing for Prostate Cancer a Good Idea? – Dr. David Brownstein

let’s talk about PSA tests are they a good diagnosis for prostate cancer do they ever create false positives what’s your take on… 0

Signs and Symptoms of Benign Prostate Enlargement

hello I’m dr. Gerald Chodak as men get older many will be faced with problems with urination and so there’s a lot of… 0

Advice for Patients with Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer Treatment Research Foundation Increasing Knowledge – Building Hope You have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. If your diagnosis came as a… 0

Prostate Infection Causes – Common Causes Of Prostate Infection

we’re diagnosed with prostate cancer literally within 18 months of each other and so we realized that today upwards to fifteen percent of… 0

Prostate Cancer symptoms | How to Recognize Prostate Cancer Symptoms early and effective

Published on September 27,2016 How to Recognize Prostate Cancer Symptoms early and effective Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men and… 0

Can I Still Have Sex After A Prostatectomy?

you so sexual function is a very important factor in men considering prostatectomy it is a known risk factor for having surgery and… 0

3D Staging Biopsy: The ONLY way to Accurately Detect and Locate Cancer in the Prostate

although this patient was diagnosed with a small area of cancer on the traditional biopsy we decided to perform a three-dimensional staging biopsy… 0

Best Prostate Video

the male urinary system is made up of the kidneys which produce urine the ureters connecting the kidneys to the bladder where urine… 0

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